1. What are your specialties?

Arcman Pharma Co is a full-scale contract manufacturer of tablets, capsules and softgels for dietary supplements. We supply superior quality herbal extractives and concentrates, enzymes, vitamins and minerals to the dietary supplement industry. We offer a full range of manufacturing services including granulation, tableting, encapsulation, pack out, powder packaging and tablet and capsule packaging.

2. What are your R&D capabilities?

Our R&D team assist you with raw material sourcing, product formulation, and creating products that meet or exceed your target. We also do analysis of nutraceutical, dietary supplements, and food products for QA and QC in the manufacturing.

3. What certifications do you have?
All our processes and systems are cGMP certified by UL Registrar LLC, manufacturer certified by CA Dept of Public Health, and processed food registered by CA Dept of Public Health. All of our production facilities meets or exceeds US FDA criteria.

4. What is your current production capacities?
• Tablets - 45 million/day
• Capsules - 45 million/day
• Packaging - 75,000 Bottles/day
• Granulation - 6000 Kgs/day
• Powder Fill - 18,000 Jars/day
• Multi Packs - 50,000 Packs/day

5. What documentation can you provide?
We can provide Certificate of Analysis, Product Specifications, and other available documents upon your request. We can also support you on the application of export documentation including Free Sale Certificate, Export Certificate, Manufacture Certificate, product and site registration.

6. Do you provide labels?
Arcman Pharma Co is able to provide label design and editing. Our team is also available to provide consultation and modification to you or your assigned print shop, to ensure that the label contents meet all requirements.

7. Do you export products to international markets?
Arcman Pharma Co exports products to many countries around the world. We can help guide you through the process and provide you with necessary documents to support you exporting products to international markets.

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